Yonder is an open project space for contemporary artists to explore an avenue in their practice by providing a residency space, studio space and gallery space in a rural location between Manchester and Leeds. 


The space is run by Claye Bowler, a queer, trans and disabled artist, and was created in reaction to these characteristics not being fully welcomed or given access within other gallery settings. The space is therefore a two way safe space, it creates a space primarily for queer, trans and disabled artists to create and show work, but also allows Claye with a chance to interact with artists, exploring collaboration and curation in a way that is accessible to them too. 

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Yonder is open to all artists over 18, regardless of location in the world. The term "artist" is used loosely to describe anyone with a contemporary artistic practice, this could involve visual art, music/sound art, words/literature, or performance. At Yonder we particularly interested in supporting people to explore new or cross-disciplinary ventures in their work and using this as a space to experiment.


The space will run on rolling application unless otherwise advertised. More information and application form below. 


Yonder is situated in the village of Slaithwaite in West Yorkshire, it is about a 20 min walk from the house to the entrance to Marsden Moor, part of the Peak District National Park. All of the photos shown above are from this area, and all within a 90 min walk (or shorter bus ride) from Yonder. 

As part of each residency a guided walk will be offered to artists, taking into account all of the aspects of the moors that are desired to be seen as well as making sure the walks are accessible to each artists needs. 

The outcomes from the residencies could be staged in this environment including performance, film, photography.

Please read these documents before applying 

Yonder FAQs

Yonder Accessibility