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Claye Bowler is an artist based in the UK. His practice centres on the theme of archives - looking at the political priorities of historical and current collecting, exploring the body as an archive, and envisioning alternative forms of archiving.

Bowler uses sculptural practices to ‘collect’ and ‘display’ queer history; subverting how queer and trans narratives have been perpetually hidden, erased or destroyed.

Casts of objects and body parts, collected ephemera, photographs and documents, drawings, performance and film, all come together to create sculpture and installations.

With his background in museum registration, Bowler often incorporates the aesthetics of an art gallery store in his work, which elevates the importance of his work by mimicking it into the collection.

Bowler has a strong connection to sound and music. He integrates these elements into his work, experimenting with his voice and field recordings. Additionally, he has an interest in traditional folk singing, drawing parallels in its cultural history, and ways of collecting with that of queer history.

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