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Value in the Personal (2018)


An exhibition looking into the personalisation of the archive. How can we build collections based on personal value alone? How can we archive the experiences of an individual?

Institutionally, archives are created away from the personal influence of the subject. Archivists hold the decision on what is worthy of collection, preservation, and what is relevant or representative of a person or their artwork. They also ultimately decide what is destined to be discarded. 

What if the position of the archive was shifted to the personal. How would one decide what was of value to themselves, what are the memories they hold dear? How can the objects they encounter speak for their memories?

This is an exploration into this notion covering 5 separate days of the artist’s life. The collection consists of gathered objects as well as created artworks (archives) of these gathered objects. 


The same work exhibited again at KiN, Huddersfield

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