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Drawing as Stimming (2022) with Sam Metz and York Art Gallery

4 stimming objects in response to abstract paintings in York Art Gallery collection as part of Sam Metz's Drawing as Stimming project. Both the making process and final objects acting as a stim.

- Wilhelmina Barns-Graham - Orange Form
Response - Milliput, wire & PVA
- Aubrey Williams - Sign
Response - Beeswax
- Paul Nash - Winter Sea
Response - Latex, silicone rubber & linen thread
- Bridget Riley - Study No. 4 for 'Painting with Two Verticals
Response - Plaster, pigment & PVA

Stimming, also known as self-stimulatory behavior is the repetition of physical movements, sounds, words, or moving objects. It done by all people but more common in neurodivergent people as an aid to concentrate, to calm, or to just to give the good sensory feels

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