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Blood Drawings (2017)



Blood evokes a sense of pain, it disgusts the viewer or gives them cause for concern. These are the kind of feelings I experience from dysphoria, and am wanting to outline in the drawings.

Using blood and my nipple, I drew this piece. This was quite a slow process as the blood dried quite quickly so new applications of blood were needed every few seconds. 

This was quite distressing to draw. I think I have an image of what my chest looks like and then I kind of see it as this 2D image, that tricks my mind almost. By using my chest to draw it made me very aware of what my body is. It was a very much 3D experience. I had to keep touching my chest to keep it with pigment and then look at it physically to guide it instead of using a mirror like the previous pieces. 


After creation and cleaning, I got into bed and wept.

blood scans008.jpg
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