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Access Rider - Claye Bowler 


Meeting accessibility needs

  • Reminders a week and the day before that the meeting is taking place if no other emails are being sent about the meeting

  • Agenda or rough layout of the meeting to be sent out before hand, ideally with timings

  • 10 min breaks at least every hour, if all day session, an hour break for lunch

  • Facilitated discussion - eg. raise hands to talk, use of break out rooms

  • All participants have pronouns in their name on video software. Or if irl pronouns announced at the beginning of the meeting/name tags

  • I would appreciate if meetings could be minuted in a way that I could see, eg. shared google doc or written on flip chart paper on the walls.

  • Actions of meeting clearly outlined and with dates if possible

  • Reminders if I am required to do something and I haven’t are always welcome


Physical accessibility

  • Close proximity to an accessible toilet or gender neutral toilet with sink and bins inside cubicle

    • Ability to leave meetings to go to the toilet easily and without interrupting meetings - eg, enough space around the table to leave.

  • If food/drink is provided I cannot eat/drink - caffeine, alcohol, tomatoes, citrus fruits (even in water jugs), garlic, greasy foods. I would like to be consulted on any food provided/venues we go to for food that is beyond tea and biscuits

  • Please avoid long amounts of time in bright fully white rooms if possible

  • Please avoid environments where there are multiple sources of noise, eg meeting in a cafe with music being played.

Working with others in organisation/contractors

  • If introduced to others, please can a sentence be used which involves my pronouns, or pronouns to be introduced explicitly

  • Please make aware to all staff that I may interact with, or who will be working with my work what my pronouns are - eg FOH staff, curators, contractors, technicians

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